Include Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Your Remodel

Hire our professional painting company in Wentzville, St. Charles & St. Louis, MO

When you jump into renovations, you want the end result to be breathtaking. Popcorn ceilings can get in the way of the modern, sleek look you're going for. Instead of putting up with outdated ceilings, rely on The Paint Company for your popcorn ceiling removal. We'll work efficiently so you can enjoy your renewed space ASAP.

Remodeling your home in O'Fallon, Wentzville, St. Charles or St. Louis, MO? Let us remove your popcorn ceiling. Call today to set up service.

Trust us with the entire process

Getting rid of popcorn ceilings is a long, tedious process. Instead of stressing about it on your own, leave it to the professionals. To remove your popcorn ceiling, we will...

  • Place protective covers over your furniture and flooring
  • Scrape away the popcorn texture with professional tools
  • Sand the ceiling to prepare it for a new coat of paint
  • Paint the ceiling with your choice of high-quality paint
  • Clean up after ourselves to leave you with a fresh, clean space

Hiring a professional for your popcorn ceiling removal is the best way to ensure beautiful results. Schedule an appointment with us today by calling 636-332-3044.